Vehicle Protection In Dania Beach, FL


Gap is an insurance coverage that protects you from financial disaster in case your vehicle is stolen, or totaled. Here's why: as your vehicle gets older, the actual cash value (ACV) declines, while your lease or loan balance may remain higher than what the insurance company will pay you. You are then liable for the difference between what the insurance company pays you and what you owe. Many people do not realize that they are responsible for that balance owed on the vehicle. GAP covers the difference between your loan or lease balance and your insurance settlement. In other words, if your insurance does not cover the cost of the totaled or stolen vehicle, you have to pay the difference. WITH GAP COVERAGE, THAT DIFFERENCE IS WAIVED. You are covered 100% in case your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Even your deductible is covered! GAP is real peace of mind. (Please see contract for the specific terms and conditions of coverage.) Example coverage:


It is almost impossible to prevent your new car from eventually having a minor dent or ding. With the PDR Travel program you are ultimately protected from those unsightly dent and dings. Using special tools and techniques developed by auto manufacturing teams, technicians are able to permanently remove door dings and minor dents. The process is seamless and will not harm a vehicles factory finish.
  • No paint required.
  • Permanent repair of minor dents and dings.
  • Won't harm your vehicles factory finish.
  • Designed for the automotive community by auto manufacturing teams.
  • No hassle, easy-to-use.
  • Nationwide network.
  • Coverage for 5 years at a low cost!


Thanks to technological advancements most vehicles nowadays are operated with keys which are computer programmed with special codes that match the codes located within the ignition. Because of this new technology, and attempts by the manufacturer to keep the vehicle's keys theft proof, replacing a lost or stolen key can be extremely expensive not to mention time consuming! In some cases, depending on the make of the car, it can cost as much as $100-$800 per key.


Key Replacement: In the event your key/remote fob is lost, stolen, or destroyed, we will pay for a replacement key remote. Lost key and lockout service: If your keys are lost, broken, or you are accidentally locked out of your vehicle, you will be covered and entitled to the service specified in your contract. 24 Hour emergency roadside service: You are covered for emergency road service throughout the U.S. and Canada. 24 Hour emergency delivery: A service truck will deliver emergency supplies of gasoline, water, oil, and other necessary supplies. You only pay the cost of those supplies. 24 Hour emergency battery service: You are covered to boost batteries and perform minor adjustments to alternators, starters, etc while on the road.


ECP Plus Protection will protect your:
  • Paint: in the event of fading, acid rain, bug damage, water spots, and more
  • Leather: in the event of rips/tears, burns, and more
  • Dash: in the event of cracking, fading, and more
View the video below for more details on this cost-effective program!