Should I Buy A Warranty?

There are two main reasons to purchase our comprehensive warranties or any of our vehicle protections:


  1. Financing: These warranties can either be financed with your vehicle purchase, OR if you are buying the vehicle in cash we can finance the comprehensive warranties at ZERO (0%) APR for 12-18 months!
  2. Value Adding: These warranties are fully transferrable when you sell your vehicle! You will not incur high out of pocket costs on covered items, and thus your vehicle will be in better condition and with added protections for the new owner, allowing you to get more for your vehicle when you sell it.


  1. Vehicle Warranty: We have been selling these warranties for years and Royal's track record of paying claims is evident with our previous customers and return purchases. These warranties also cover wear and tear items such as seals and gaskets which are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and even the base warranty covers costly items that WILL fail such as timing chains and water pumps!
  2. Vehicle Protections: Protections such as GAP, Dent and ding repair, Paint protection, and Key replacement are fully transferrable and therefore add value to your vehicle when you sell it. These protections are affordable and save you from having to come out of pocket for inevitable expenses such as lost keys and parking lot dings.