We are proud to offer comprehensive warranties from Royal Warranty Administration to our customers. You can rest assured that these warranties will provide you excellent coverage including wear and tear that pays - we have had a great track record of paid claims from previous customers with this warranty company. You can also finance the warranty with 0% interest for 12 months, paid via credit card. Key features include:
  1. Wear and Tear Coverage: Your warranty will cover worn seals and gaskets as part of wear and tear, something that not even the manufacturer's warranty covers!
  2. Repair Flexibility: You can take your vehicle to your local franchise dealership or any ASE certified repair shop for service!
  3. Transferability: When you sell your vehicle, your warranty is fully transferable to the new owner, thus increasing your vehicle's value!
  4. Free Loaners: When you take your vehicle in for service at the franchise dealership, you can take advantage of a free loaner car similar to the manufacturer's warranty!
  5. Free Roadside Assistance & Trip Interruption Coverage: If you run out of gas or have a breakdown, free roadside assistance will come to your aid. If your car breaks down and you have to get a hotel, this warranty will pay for your expenses!
Here is the specific coverage of the Premier Warranty from Royal: To give you an idea of cost, a 2004 BMW 330XI with 100k miles would cost $196 a month for 12 months, yet the warranty would provide 24 months and 24,000 miles of premier coverage - a great value!